Find Your Voice Workshop in New York City, October 6th

I’ll be teaching in New York City next month and selling copies of my zine at the workshop.

Rest for Resistance is online publication for QTPOC Mental Health, prose and resources. Join us in Brooklyn on Saturday 10/6 from 11 am to 4 pm. This event is for LGBTQ2IA+ people of color exclusively and is free to attend.


11 am to 12 pm: Meditation with Plants

As thriving beings, plants have their own wisdom and energy that can help us create moments of rest and resilience. Glynn Dexter St-Juste will hold space for us to meditate in community with flowers, succulents, and other plant life. If there’s a special plant in your life, feel free to bring it along to nourish your healing experience.


12:15 to 1:45 pm: Finding Your Voice in Writing

This writing workshop focuses on the ways that trauma shows up in words. Rest for Resistance writer Cassandra Lopez Fradera will guide folks through exercises to spot how dissociation shows up in writing, with the goal of strengthening your individual voice.


2 to 4 pm: How to Reclaim Your Energy

Living in a busy society pushes us in so many different directions – but never towards the path of caring for ourselves. In order to practice self-care, it’s important to challenge those pressures and find ways to make space in your life for you.

During this workshop, led by Rest for Resistance editors Dom Chatterjee and Dominic Bradley, we’ll explore how we use our time and energy using three different lenses. But don’t worry: this won’t feel like a math class! Guided meditations will help you tap into intuition to discern where your resources are going – and where else you can direct energy to align with your life purpose and goals.

Join us, and you’ll leave with a deeper understanding of how you are moving through the world and what actions can be shifted to bring about powerful change.


Accessibility Notes

We ask that participants refrain from using scented products in order to make our community as sensitivity-inclusive as possible.

New Women Space has two floors, one which requires stairs, so all main events will take place upstairs to ensure folks with mobility concerns can attend.

If you have access needs that may need additional consideration, please contact We’ll do our best to accommodate you.


We believe it’s important for healing to be accessible without financial or emotional barriers. QTPoC Mental Health resources – including events, articles, and an online support group – are always offered completely for free.

Help our team of queer & trans people of color continue providing community support by (1) spreading the word, (2) donating if you’re able, (3) buying our zines and apparel.


📷 Axel @alien8g


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