Welcome to the story & design portfolio website of surfer, facilitator and writer, Cassandra Fradera in service of self-actualization and harmonic design.


Facilitation & Public Speaking

I facilitate in the tradition of many across oceans who have sat in circles for thousands of years and with contemporaries in the healing justice movement who are trauma-aware. I share and hold stories of transformational change, personal development and science as ancient as water to contemporary neuroscience that expands on the way language is formed in the brain.

Website & Content Design

I am a nerd who loves the water. I spent most of my diasporic life in the United States with my computer and books. I utilize design as a means to create an experience that is inviting, well-organized and compelling. My strength as a designer is arranging content while helping clients getting organized behind the scenes which is a combination not many offer simultaneously.

Copy-Editing & Coaching for Writers

My experience as a writer began as a personal practice to see myself where my people’s nuanced history was often erased. I use the power of narrative to call in folks with similar values and visions for a just future. In the present, I utilize technical and persuasive tools of storytelling as a practice to create spaces where folks can self-actualize their identity, services, and clearly share their goals in text.

Cultural Work & Healing Justice

Café con Cass is a multimedia healing justice space that launched as a public access television show at Cambridge Community Television in 2013 to bring dialogue alive on healing, art, and cultura with occasional guests. Over the past 10 years, I’ve created performances, community spaces, consulting, and educational materials rooted in narrative strategy and self-actualization in communal settings.

storytelling & strategy in service of self-actualización and harmonious design

available in English & Español


What do journalism and therapy have in common?

What are your rates?

My rates are per-project for work exceeding $100. These rates are an average of strategic consulting fees, design, copy-editing, facilitation and materials preparation. Project rates allow clients to support the years of research, writing, and editing that span from my personal practice to my years at Harvard University as a staff, student, teaching assistance and union representative. I have written grants ranging from NASA to anti-racist grassroots organizations. I have written as a ghost-writer for world-famous humanitarians, scientists and local healers who are building a website for the first time.

Can you help me make a website?

Yes, but are you ready to hire a designer? I am often asked this question and on average clients take from 6 months to 2 years to prep their materials to work with me. Here are a few things to have in mind when approaching a designer: 1) Who is your audience? 2) What information are you looking to convey and how many pages? 3) What media do you have that can help bring your story to life? 4) What is your budget? If the answers to these questions are, “I don’t know,” perhaps you need some strategic planning help from step 1. Let me know what you have so far and I can give you an estimate.

Are you a healer?

On a cold day in Boston, Massachusetts I sat across a very buttoned up consultant who hired me to help them become more creative. I waited patiently across the table for my client, the Senior Campaign Strategist for a high profile public official, to say something after presenting my communications strategy plan to her consulting firm. “You’re the type of person who can find an herb on the sidewalk to heal, aren’t you?” she said as she peered over her laptop. “Does that mean you liked the presentation?” I asked and she responded, “Yes, you’re the real deal.” Communications is a practice and not substitute for therapy yet healing in its own way.