Café con Cass is a multimedia healing justice space that launched as a public access television show at Cambridge Community Television in 2013 created and hosted by Cassandra Lopez Fradera to bring dialogue alive on healing, art, and cultura with occasional guests. Café con Cass is a digital communications space that hosts production, consulting work, and educational materials. Cassandra, Harvard University ALM ’17, has conducted interviews with movement leaders, multidisciplinary artists, mental health practitioners, and change makers in video, print, and podcast. Their goal is to build a more creative and just world accessible through media, public education, facilitation, and coaching with select clients and organizations. Café con Cass has a record of helping people and organizations committed to transformational leadership communicate their best message. Based in the Northeast United States and Puerto Rico, Cassandra’s work as a strategist and performer has been described as heart opening and authentic.

How do we balance storytelling in digital networks and passing brainstorms while restoring authenticity and collaboration during isolating times?

– Cassandra Lopez Fradera

How can we remain whole and rooted in our personal transformation while experience individual and collective trauma in modern society? How does our nervous system process language?

– Café con Cass Workshop

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delivering unique Communications tools and stories rooted in self-determination and authentic expression in an increasingly automated world.

Self-healing. I facilitate plans and processes for leaders that inspire personal and professional development in creative and technical ways. For many years I sat in the backseat of my own life feeling helpless, as if someone else was driving. My journey to get to the heart of the message, community resources such as public access television, healing justice spaces, and global collaboration with clients and colleagues at Harvard University has helped me get to the front and center of my own story. I now use those tools to help others and grow my practice.

Healing justice. I am committed to creating a more creative and just world that honors our history, no matter how painful, and restore dignity to the most vulnerable. Our birthright is joy. This is our natural way. I create spaces for clients to expression themselves while continuously improving myself. A Healing Justice Practice Space (HJPS) is an all-gender, all- bodied, inclusive and accessible space for practicing and receiving healing that is built in partnership with social justice movement work and sites of political action.

Reaching the world. When we talk about globalization, we often focus on the select few who profit or those who lead non-profits. We are all an important part of the ecosystem, however our economy does not reflect that. Through my migration from New York City to Harvard University and back to Boriké (Puerto Rico), I seek to move beyond the constrains of colonialism and remember our interconnectedness. I am a lifelong student who also wants to share with the world. I am curious how we can use the media to engage with a variety of experiences while being supported by search engines and algorithms that enhance the diversity of content, not limit its scope.

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