Event: BombANTILLA and Healing Justice with Raíces Borikén Collective

As our communities in Puerto Rico and those forced to evacuate due to the hurricanes and their families are still sufferring, the need for collective healing, community and strength to continue to support the movement for a better future continues. Presented in collaboration with Eli Pabon‘s BOMBAntillana and Raíces Borikén Collective, this Healing Through Bomba gathering/workshop is open to anyone and everyone interested in spiritual healing and curious about learning Bomba dance through it’s origins, songs and movements. Experience Bomba dancers welcome as well.

What is Bomba? Bomba is an afro-puertorican music and dance form created for celebration, identity, survival, ritual, resistance and healing that stems back to the beginning of the colonization of Puerto Rico (Boriken). Evolving through centuries, it was originally created by the merging of Taino/Arawak Native peoples of the island, enslaved Africans brought to the island, and the Spanish that sailed there during the 16th and 17th Century. Today Bomba is being reclaimed by DiaspoRicans in various cities accross North America as well as on the Island. Join us in Boston to continue this movement to reclaim our TRUE history, heal and imagine a better future together… You don’t have to be Puerto Rican to participate – we encourage all ages, ethnicities, identities and ages to join us.

Facilitators: Eli Pabon, Cassandra Lopez Fradera, Darlene Flores and Luana Morales

When: March 16th and Spontaneous Celebrations, Jamaica Plain.
Cost: $20 for adults and $7 for youth ages 17 and under.
Cash & Checks accepted at the door and Venmo payments accepted @ladyelipabon.

The cost of this gathering helps cover the costs of musicians, space, dance & healing facilitators etc.). Any profits after expenses will be put into a Healing Through Bomba For Puerto Rico fund. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.


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