Premiere Episode: Café con Cass at Cambridge Community Television


Please join me in a new creative venture in citizen journalism. I have written so much on this blog, and this past season, I revisited the many projects I have shared with you. The common theme to my work was that I never stopped creating, and each piece, each project, each struggle, brought me closer to what I have been looking for, which is a voice. I have struggled to detox myself from the ideas of what the media wanted me to be, especially as a first generation American via Puerto Rico. I have seen the gentrification of neighborhoods that were the backdrops to my family legacy, and grieved the passing of loved ones and my own cycle. I started taking classes at Framingham Public Access TV, where the resources require a set and crew. As a minority growing up in the suburbs, bullied, different, seeking and with a generous heart, I didn’t have a crew. Even the mere obstacle of getting volunteers prevented me from pursuing a medium I had long admired, which is broadcast journalism and the fusion of free speech, visuals, arts, and cognitive diversity. I am honored to be a part of the Cambridge Community Television Community and thank you all for listening to my voice all these years.

ENJOY BeLive: Café con Cass at Cambridge Community Television, Channel 9. Café con Cass brings dialogue alive on all issues related to healing, diversity, and the arts with a cup of coffee, occasional guests, and videos. Mondays @ 7 PM (


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