Art: After Harvest & Show Pics

On Saturday, over 200 guests, performers, artists, painters, and poets came together at
Redtail Studios 7th floor 369 Congress St., Boston, MA 02210 ( hosted by alpoarrentao Productions, a project of Pampi and Loreto

Painter: Cassandra Fradera


Signing my piece. ❤


The canvas laid on the ground. I started mounting on Thursday. I then proceeded on Saturday having added just a little more paint….


The final installation.


The stage. The best part of this moment was that I walked on at the very moment that Loreto was introducing me as one of the visual artists. It could not have been any sweeter hearing, “…and she has just walked through the door”.


I used an older boombox I had to play CD’s. On each CD was a song title and/or phrase in either Spanish or English. It was a participatory form of art. I approached a few people at who were viewing my art work and asked them to choose a song that suited them. It was an Oracle of Music, and a great way to extend the process of just making art, but participating in the it’s aftereffect as well.


A private party nook.

ImageLa Banda, So Sol – was fantastic – and really added a glimmer to the stage towards the end of the night….


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