Crew Call!!! Women’s Voices seeks AMAZING Crew!

Attn: Framingham State University, Mass Bay Community College, Wellesley College and Babson College

Re: New Show on F-PAC TV, looking for crew.

Women’s Voices, a new show at F-PAC TV ( is looking for talented crew from the Communications Department and/or Women’s Studies programs. If you fit neither profile, but are passionate about helping women share their stories, please keep reading.

My name is Cassandra, and I am a volunteer producer at FPAC-TV. I graduated from Babson College in 2007 and recently completed an internship with the International Indigenous Women’s Forum (IIWF/FIMI) in New York City. I also worked with entrepreneurial film maker and Title IX activist, Mary Mazzio of 50 Egg Films. From my experience at an international level at IIWF/FIMI, I began to think of the local needs of women in the communities closest to me and began volunteering at F-PAC TV. I am seeking local students to bring Women’s Voices to broadcast.

I want to create something new with the help of an excellent team, crew members who are self starters and share a sense of humor. I am looking for volunteers who will create a positive environment and also have the skills to research and bring new ideas forward. I would like to represent diverse religions, cultures, class, education, languages, and points of view. However, these are all big ideas that can’t happen without a team! That means you, yes you!

All levels of ability are welcome. I am looking for bright students who have a passion for making a cause, learning the technical aspects of fiming and have the determination to see it all through. This will require one day a week of filming and research that can be done in one’s own time.

Please write a few sentences on why you are interested in Women’s Voices and a little bit about yourself at

I am also seeking the following positions:

Director: Calm, cool, collected and makes decisions quickly, experience is a plus

Assistant Producer: Open to learning new things quickly. Jack/Jill of all trades – Will also work closely with the director on audio and CG.

Camera Operators: Interest in cameras/open to cross training.

Thank you for your interest!

Happy Holidays,
Cassandra Fradera


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