I Write; I Heal

Cassandra has been published in NPR Latino and Rest for Resistance. She is the recipient of the 2018 Vermont Studio Center’s Displaced Artists Fellowship and is currently a writer in residence at La Rosario, a Queer Feminist Collective in San, Juan Puerto Rico where she continues to work on a collection of non-fiction on (rican)reconstruction, titled “I Write; I Heal” combining research, healing and ancestral practice and performance in her readings. “I Write; I Heal” is an ongoing project of mending roots of a lineage disrupted by violence and finding home within ones body.  As a writer and performer, Cassandra utilizes research on the ways that trauma effects the speech function of the brain and how language is both constructed and deconstructed through the written word and her body. Her combination of journalistic skill and creativity surviving displacement allows her to sculpt language and deconstruct memory in a way that has been described as heart opening and authentic.


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