Café con Cass

Café con Cass is a multimedia project that launched as a public access television show in 2013 created and hosted by Cassandra Lopez Fradera to bring dialogue alive on healing, arts, and culture with occasional guests. Through her reporting of local news she has conducted interviews with civic leaders, multidisciplinary artists, mental health specialists, and change makers in video, print, and podcast.

Café con Cass first aired in Cambridge Community Television in Cambridge, Massachusetts on October 28, 2013 and was taped lived in the BeLive! studio weekly for 4 and half years. Cassandra has been sharing and creating trauma-informed media ever since.

Guest Lama Rod Owens Mediation on Compassion

Healing Trauma Full Episode

Café con Cass Premiere 2013

Salsa in Cambridge Report

Harvard Journal of Hispanic Policy: Interview with Lisa Garcia Quiroz


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