January 8, 2020

We are currently experiencing a black-out on the island due to a 6.6 Earthquake whose epicenter was in the most Southern coast which is where my family is from. I am safe and still don’t have running water. I am updating this page from a friend’s hotspot who has a generator. I am accepting donations for emergency support so I may also be of simultaneous service to my needs and my community which includes our pueblo in the Northwest and solidarity support to the South.

This is a page I keep open all year round. There are no sick days as a freelancer. It is also an open invitation to give while we build. Boriké (Puerto Rico) was invaded by the United States in 1898 via ships that arrived in Guanica which is where the Earthquake’s epicenter was. The profundity is not lost on Boricuas who are individually and collectively processing on la isla and all over the world.

As of late, colonialism has regenerated as disaster capitalism. As a Boricua who works in service of individual and collective healing, while also managing a small business, I welcome the support that will go towards:

  • Gas, food & water supply
  • Costs of a mobile hotspot
  • Tsunami prep // emergency fund
  • Solar panels
  • Herbs & materials to make medicine for community (for example, I make a lot of Ylang Ylang Oil which is helpful for grief and shock)

A little help can go a long way.

You donate via Paypal or Venmo: @cassandra-fradera. I am asking for personal donations, as companies such as GoFundMe keep a portion of the fundraising for their own profit which is not aligned with the sustento of a solidarity economy.

Thank you!

Photo: Artistic intervention on International Women’s Day / “They Rob & Kill us.”

We are very much still alive and well!